Boxcar 2


  • Absolutely love this app! The developer is ultra responsive, returning e-mail inquiries in a matter of minutes. It's clear he cares deeply about the quality of this app. Download it, you'll be very happy with it.

  • Great concept and execution! Boxcar was one of the first apps on iOS to attempt to wrangle push notifications for disparate internet services.

  • I've been a long time user of Boxcar and I was thrilled to see an updated app finally released. Great customer service!

  • Great app for getting Info from RSS feeds now I can get severe weather warnings for my area when they are announced.

    Meteorologist Josh
  • I needed an RSS push app and this does it perfectly. Well done. I wish I could have paid for it though. They deserve some money. Keep it up!


Want to know as soon as something happens?

Boxcar will let you know!


Want to know as soon as your favorite websites are updated? Use Boxcar to subscribe to their RSS feeds and we'll send you an alert when new posts are published.


Want to know when people you follow post a new Tweet? Use Boxcar for this too and you'll never be the last to comment.


Want to get a push when you receive a mail? Simply forward your mail to our special provided address and you are set.


Enjoy a clutter free reading experience by using Readability service.


Choose from our custom push notification sounds, "per service".


Create filters to gather your feeds by topics, interests... And read notifications while offline.